About Me

Hi I’m Chilli Pepper Perrett

I am a ‘foodie’ without doubt, with an intense love of great, fresh, seasonal food .My creation of the Bedford Banger Range was initially a hobby with an appreciation from friends and family. I wanted to create chilli sauces that were less about the ‘burn’ and more about the flavour. During 2018  I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and allow you, the general public, to also sample my sauces. Based in Bedford and using locally grown Scotch Bonnets, these 5 sauces bring a great medium to high  heat to seriously tickle those taste buds!

Ive been busy this year in 2019 with live cooking demos with Chilly Olly @ Cheese & chilli festivals

I’m currently developing new sauces for my range & creating sauces for other companies. My newest sauce is the Cranberry Reaper & is my hottest sauce to date. Still fruity but packs a punch.

Flavour always 1st